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Pure and Sure - Organic Veg Upma

Organic Veg Upma

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Upma is a delectable traditional south indian breakfast dish made from semolina or suji. It is not only delicious but also a healthy breakfast option. It is made from the finest quality ingredients cultivated with controlled organic farming practices.

Nutritional Value

This Organic Vegetable Upma not only fills your appetite is also highly nutritious. The food is rich in proteins, vitamin B and iron.

Nutritional Facts

For 100g

·        Energy                               396Kcal

·        Fiber                                   3g

·        Total Fat                            15g

·        Total Carbohydrates        54g

·        Protein                               10g

·        Sugars                               3g

·        Trans Fat                           0g

·        Cholesterol                        0g

·        Calcium                             36mg

·        Iron                                    4mg

·        Sodium                             1385mg

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