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Pure and Sure - Organic Rice Idli Mix

Organic Rice Idli Mix

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Organic Rice idli mix is made from organic rice.Rice flour is popular in South India and can be used in many ways. Thisnaturally gluten-free flour can be mixed with other flours for baking and iscommonly used as a wheat flour alternative. In South India rice flour is usedfor making rice roti, appam, idiyappam, dosa, nippat, chakli and many more. Itis made from the finest quality ingredients cultivated with controlled organicfarming practices.


The recipe mentioned in these ancient Indian works leaves out three keyaspects of the modern idli recipe: the use of rice (not just urad dal), thelong fermentation of the mix, and the steaming for fluffiness. The referencesto the modern recipe appear in the Indian works only after 1250 CE. Some foodhistorians speculates that the modern idli recipe might have originated inpresent-day Indonesia, which has a long tradition of fermented food. Accordingto them, the cooks employed by the Hindu kings of the Indianised kingdoms mighthave invented the steamed idli there, and brought the recipe back to Indiaduring 800-1200 CE.

Nutritional Value

This organic Rice Idli mix is high in protein,dietary fiber, carbohydrates.

Health Benefits

Idlis are usually two to three inches in diameterand are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils(de-husked) and rice. The fermentation process breaks down the starches so thatthey are more readily metabolized by the body.

Nutritional Facts

For 100g

·        Calories                             366kcal

·        Total Fat                            1gKcal

·        Saturates                           0.5gKcal

·        Trans Fat                           0gKcal

·        Cholesterol                        0mgKcal

·        Sodium                              80gKcal

·        Carbohydrates                  2gKcal

·        Fibre                                  0.12 gKcal

·        Sugar                                0mgKcal

·        Protein                               6gKcal

·        Vitamin A                          0Kcal

·        Vitamin C                          0Kcal

·        Calcium                             10mgKcal

·        Iron                                    0 mgKcal

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