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Pure and Sure - Organic Rava [ Ravai ]

Organic Rava

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South Indian cuisine is known for its healthy recipes and rava idli (suji idli) is one of the simple recipe which combines the goodness of many dals and spices. Idli Rava flour is made from mixing proportional quantity of semolina (rava) and urad dal. The proportion of rice and dal is very important in preparing delicious rava idli.


Nutritional Value

One cup of rava upma will be at least 200-250 calories and one rava idli will be 80-100 calories as compared to one cup cooked rice of 100-150 calories and one rice idli of 50-60 calories.


Health Benefits

Here is a recipe of rava idlis which in addition to being healthy is also rich in taste due to the addition of several herbs and spices in it.


What is inside?

In 100g

·        Calories           70kcal

·        Total Fat          2gkcal

·        Protein             2.4g


Interesting Facts

The recipe mentioned in these ancient Indian works leaves out three key aspects of the modern idli recipe: the use of rice (not just urad dal), the long fermentation of the mix, and the steaming for fluffiness. The references to the modern recipe appear in the Indian works only after 1250 CE.


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