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Pure and Sure - Organic Pulav Masala

Organic Pulav Masala

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Largely a combination of flavorings spices used along with taste-agents like black pepper & chilli to impart a pleasantly textured flavour to ordinary rice. The origins of this blend can be traced back to the Mughal era. Biryani/Pulav can either be a Veg. or a Non-Veg. preparation usually made during special occassions. It is a whole meal by itself, and is almost always the centre-piece of most Indian dinner parties. Is usually served with curry and raita.


Health Benefits

It does not contain special health benefits. However, The use of beneficial spices like Herbs and peppercorns helps improve digestion and immune functions.


Nutritional Facts

For 100g Spice]

·        Carbohydrates            48.2g

·        Proteins                       9.5g

·        Dietary Fibre               11.7g


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