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Pure and Sure - Organic Ground Nut [ Vaerkadalai ]

Organic Ground Nut

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They have a rich nutty flavour, sweet taste, crunchy texture and over and above a relatively longer shelf life. Peanuts or ground nut can be eaten raw, used in recipes, made into oils,textile materials, and peanut butter, as well as many other uses. Peanut products are considered safe for human use.

Interesting Facts

Peanut or groundnut  is a species in the legume or "bean" family. The peanut was probably first domesticated and cultivated in the valleys of Paraguay. It is an annual herbaceous plant growing 30 to 50 cm.


Nutritional Value

Peanuts are rich in essential nutrients. Peanuts provide 570 calories and are an excellent source, magnesium and phosphorus, and Dietary fibre.


Health Benefits

They compose sufficient levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids especially ideological. It helps in lowering  LDL or so called bad cholesterol and increase HDL or  good cholesterol level in the blood. Peanuts are an excellent source of resveratrol and is protective  against cancers, heart disease,degenerative nerve disease and  Alzheimer's disease.


What is inside?

For 100g Nuts


·        Carbohydrates            16.13g

·        Proteins                        25.80g

·        Total Fat                       49.24g

·        DietaryFibre                 8.5g

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