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Pure and Sure - Organic Coconut Oil [ Thaengaai Ennai ]

Organic Coconut Oil

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Our Organic Coconut Oil is made from freshly picked coconut. Always organic,non-GMO certified and free of impurities. An excellent source of lauric acid and medium chain triglycerides for your healthy diet and body care routine.Cooking: Healthful dairy free all-purpose cooking oil for sautéing and baking.“Better than butter” on bread, veggies & popcorn. May be used for cooking up to 350 degrees.


Nutritional Value

Organic Coconut oil is ideal as a medium-heat cooking oil, a nutritious substitute inbaking and even "better than butter" on bread, vegetables or popcorn.A pinch of salt will reduce the coconut flavor in savory recipes.


Health Benefits

You can use the luscious, soothing oil on your skin and hair. Use coconut oil as a natural skin moisturizer, eye make-up remover, or deep conditioning hair treatment. Combine coconut oil with coconut sugar and essential oil for an exfoliating, refreshing body scrub.


Nutritional Facts

For 100g

                  ·        Calories                               130

·        Calories from Fat                130

·        Total Fat                               14g

·        Saturated Fat                       12g

·        Polyunsaturated Fat            0.5g

·        Mono unsaturated Fat         0.5g


Coconut is one of the world's most nourishing super foods. This creamy taste of the tropics is great for sautéing and baking, enhancing your favorite recipes, and body care.

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