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Organic Chyawanprash

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Organic Chyawanprash helps in strengthening the immune system. It nourishes the brain cells and enhances memory power, increases retention and recall and helps purify blood and alleviates cough and asthma. It is good for heart. Improves skin complexion and glow.


Nutritional Value

Nutritional benefits of Chyawanprash includes zero percent cholesterol, No Trans-Fat, Calories from fat are minimal and rich in vitamin C. It contains an abundant amount of Saponins,Which makes it good supplement for heart, blood vessels and raised cholesterol levels. Also it lowers the Cancer risks.


Health Benefits

Chyawanprash is helpful to everyone, regardless of age, by creating harmony in the body and improving metabolism. Well-known as an immunity booster, Chyawanprash also excels as an antioxidant, rejuvenator, and source of energy. With Amla (Eblica officianalis) as a main ingredient, Chyawanprash also serves as a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants.


What is inside?

In 10g

·        Calories                           35

·        Calories from Fat            7

·        TotalFats                         750mg

·        Sodium                            5mg

·        Protien                             150mg

·        VitaminC                          105mg


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