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Pure and Sure - Organic Besan [ Kadalai Maavu ]

Organic Besan

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Besan or Gram Flour is a very popular, commonly used ingredient in Indian cooking. It is usually made by grinding Bengal Gram or Chana Dal into a powder and has a lovely nutty flavor. Besan is not just used in savory dishesbut also in some famous Indian desserts. Also known as chickpea flour, chana or gram flour ideal for regular food items or snacks

Nutritional Value

1. It reduces bad cholesterol level in the blood.

2. It minimizes the risk of colon cancer.

3. It is an essential source of Folic acid that helps in the production red blood cells.

Health Benefits

When compare besan with standard plain flour, Can see that nutritionally, besan is far superior, especially since it contains more protein.

What is inside?

In 100g

·        Calories           364kcal

·        Total fat           6gkcal

·        Iron                  6gkcal

·        Fiber                17gkcal

·        Calcium           105m kcal

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