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Orgra - Hand Made Marayoor Sarkara (Vellam) Jaggery Block [ Marayoor Vellam ]

Hand Made Marayoor Sarkara (Vellam) Jaggery Block

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Orgra Marayoor Jaggery - Block
Orgra Marayoor Jaggery or “Sarkara” as it is locally called is a traditional un-adulterated jaggery which is hailed to be one of the sweetest of its kind. Unlike the commercially produced jagerries manufactured in factories, Marayoor Jaggery is prepared in the field immediately after the harvest. 
The juicy sugar canes are churned well to extract the juice. The juice is then pumped to a large plate shaped container. The juice is not mixed with any chemicals, colours, sweeteners etc and hence is safe and naturally good to eat. The boiled juice is mixed with a long wooden spoon throughout the process. Once the constitution reaches a creamy state it is poured out to a wooden base where it is left to settle and solidify. The semi solid jaggery is then hand-rolled into balls of world’s sweetest jaggery. 
The sweet and natural water and a great cool tropical climate makes sugar cane much more tastier than those grown in other regions of India. Adding Marayoor Jaggery to sweet dishes will be many times better in taste.
Orgra works closely with the local sugar cane farmer families of Marayoor and brings you the best of Marayoor Jaggery. Try it once and you are sure to feel the difference. 
   Best Tasty Jaggery
5 5
By On 19 Aug 2016

Attracted with the packaging and ordered this, unbelievable taste. I bought this for my mother's medicine, she was surprised with the taste. My entire family liked it. Ordered for two more kilos. Best Jaggery, must buy in every home. 

Packaging - Attractive, sturdy package

Delivery - Satisfied, on time delivery

   Nice Taste
4 5
By On 05 Nov 2016

Taste little different from non organic jaggery, i bought it to replace white sugar. Its worth it. Im happy about the product. Will buy again. 

   Good Buy
5 5
By On 08 Jan 2017

First of all the packing is good & neat it looks like handmade. I love handmade products, thats also the reason to buy again from MyRightBuy. 

Packing - excellent

Product - Taste really good, my husband take it with dosa

Service - Extremely satisfied. 

   Awesome Product
4 5
By On 12 Feb 2017

I love the taste, would recommend to all. Easy buy & good service from MyRightBuy. 

Thank You

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