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Organic Tattva - Organic Sonamasuri Semi Polished [ Pachcharisi ]

Organic Sonamasuri Semi Polished

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Sonamasuri Semi-Polished rice is the rice that contains half outer bran and half endosperm of regular brown rice which makes it more nutritional than the normal white rice.


Nutritional Value

It is rich in selenium and fibre. It also consists of several nutrients to reduce fat and cholesterol.


Health Benefits

It reduces obesity in women. Magnese acts as an anti-oxidant. Reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.


Nutritional Facts


·        Carbohydrates           70%

·        Fat                               1%

·        Protein                        5%

·        Maganese                 12%

·        VitaminB3                  19%



HaigaMai; that’s how people of Japan call the semi- polished rice. The colour of the rice is light shade of tan. Sonamasuri semi-polished rice is grown in many parts of the world especially in India.

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