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Organic Tattva - Organic Red Rajma [ Kaaraamani ]

Organic Red Rajma

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Red Rajma (Kidney beans) is the main component that is used in preparing numerous dishes. Indian Rajma Sabji/curry, Tacos, Mexican chat,Mexican Bean Hotpot are few famous dishes that are prepared using kidney beans or rajma.


Nutritional Value and Health Benefits

These organic beans are enriched in protein and fibre. The organic quality of the product makes it healthier still.  Kidney beans are full of potassium,magnesium, iron and protein.It is very good for cardiovascular problems and very good source of Cholesterol-lowering fibre. Kidney beans also have several disease-fighting antioxidants that build a healthy and strong immunity. kidney beans are considered to be one of the best legumes. It is used to prevent cancer, reduce blood sugar(the best choice for individuals with diabetes),lower heart attack risk and brain function.


What is inside?

On an average 1 cup (192g) of Red Rajma contains the following nutrients.

·        Fiber               45%

·        Phosphorus  35%

·        Protein            31%

·        Potassium      21%


Interesting Facts

The organic Red Rajma  kidney bean is grown originally in the Himalayas.It enables you to breathe air from Himalayan farms and to adhere the taste of nature. Kidney beans are a very popular legume because of its great taste,texture and flavor, they are a favorite bean to use  in simmered dishes and also it has the ability to absorb flavors from other foods. It is the best replacement of red meat in your menus.They are dark red and white in colour(Kidney shaped), White kidney beans are known as Cannellini beans, these are available throughout the year.


How to use/tips:

1.   Soak kidney beans in water prior cooking(min 5hrs)

2.   Cook for minimum 10 minutes

3.    Do not eat raw or raw soaked beans

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