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Organic Tattva - Organic Cowpea White [ Vellai Tattaippayir ]

Organic Cowpea White

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The cow pea is one of several species of the widely cultivated genus Vigna. A drought-tolerant and warm-weather crop, cow peas are well-adapted to the drier regions of the tropics, where other food legumes do not perform well.


Nutritional Value`        

Cow peas provide a rich source of proteins and calories, as well as minerals and vitamins. A cow pea seed can consist of 25% protein and is low in anti-nutritional factors.


Health Benefits

An excellent source of fibre and foliate and a good source of iron. Cow pea tones the spleen, stomach and pancreas; it helps induce urination and relieves damp conditions like leucorrhea. The soluble fiber found in these beans have a low glycaemic index and provide low risk for diabetes. The high fibre content also plays an important role in improving diabetes.


What is inside?


·        Carbohydrates           7%

·        Proteins                      16%

·        Total Fat                      0%

·        Dietary Fibre               24%

Interesting Facts

Cow pea cultivation in the centre of diversity of the cultivated cow pea is West Africa, leading to the current consensus that this is the likely centre of origin and place of early domestication.It is specially used in Tamil Nadu between the Tamil months of Maasi and Panguni , a cake-like dish called kozhukattai.



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It's a USDA Approved Organic Brand for Cowpea . Free of Pesticides and Harmful Chemicals .

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It's Better Than Normal Cowpea, Taste Good. Myrightbuy Delivery Service Is Good. They Are On Time

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Quality is good, felt the difference, it's clean as well. Myrightbuy delivery is good, satisfied.

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