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Organic Tattva - Organic Brown Mustard Rai [ Kadugu ]

Organic Brown Mustard Rai

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Mustard seeds have been highly prized medicinal as well as culinary spice being in use since earlier times. The seeds are fruit pods obtained from mustard plant in the Brassica family. Some of close members of mustards in this family include cabbage,broccoli, Brussels-sprouts.

Nutritional Value

Perceived as health benefiting spice, mustard seeds are indeed very rich in phyto-nutrients,minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Being one of the chief oil seeds, mustards are indeed very high in calories; 100 g of seeds provide 508 calories.Nonetheless, the seeds are made of quality proteins, essential oils, vitamins,minerals, and dietary fiber.

Health Benefits

Mustard seeds and its oil has traditionally been used to relieve muscle pain, rheumatism and arthritic pain. In India, mustard oil is applied over scalp and is believed tostimulate hair growth. Its ground seeds act as a laxative, stimulant to gastricmucosa and increase intestinal secretion.


Nutritional Facts

For 100g of spice

·        Carbohydrates            21%

·        Dietary Fiber                32%

·        Protein                          46%


Mustards are native to Asia Minor, but these days cultivated as one of the main commercial crop in Canada, India, China, and temperate climates of European region. Mustards are winter crops.

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