O Greenz - Organically Grown Sweet Potato

Organically Grown Sweet Potato

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  • O Greenz Sweet potato are direct from farm, handpicked 100% safe and healthy to eat
  • Completely free from harmful pesticides and chemicals
  • No dye or artificial colours added
  • Aids in digestion, relieves from constipation
  • Helps to gain weight, maintain water balance in the body
  • Boosts immune system
  • Effective in curing inflamation & stomach ulcers
  • Great relief from arthritis, cures different types of cancer

Do You Know?

Sweet potato boiled water (where sweet potatoes are boiled) can be applied externally on joints to ease the pain of arthritis

The more you retain your vegetables kept in the refrigerator, as time passes more it’ll lose its freshness. Hence, attempt to consume it in just a couple of days of buying.

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