Naturellement - Natural Mixed Fruit Jam

Natural Mixed Fruit Jam

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Mixed Fruit Jam is a delicious combination of all fresh fruits and gives an appetizing taste. They have no added preservatives or flavours. It is used as a spread on variety of snacks and also used while preparing your favourite dish. Mixed fruit Jams are best used as a spread on plain bread or a toast.

It is a healthy alternative to all the regular jams and a concentrated source of nutrition made with fully ripened fruits. Mixed Fruit Jam is rich in sugar and a great source of energy and fiber. This Jam can help to reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and all other potential cardiovascular diseases. It also can help to reduce the risk of developing various cancers, particularly mouth, stomach, and colon-rectum cancer. In pregnant women, it reduces various risks during foetal development.

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By On 23 Sep 2015

This one favorite in our home. It's one of the most healthy & tasty jams available.I just love It. The team helps in trouble free delivery of products..I will be happy to visit again...

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