K.P.Namboodiris - Herbal Hibiscus Thali Shampoo

Herbal Hibiscus Thali Shampoo

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Chemparathy (Hibiscus) has many natural properties which have been valued through out the ages. One of its traditional uses is hair care.

The leaves ground into a fine paste with a little water, and the resulting lathery paste is used as a shampoo plus conditioner traditionally.

Hibiscus is a wonderful plant product for hair growth with benefits in hair care:

- Prevents hair loss

- Enhances growth of hair

- Discourages split ends

- Thickens hair

- Prevents premature greying of hair

 K P Namboodiri's Chemparathy Thaali ( Hibiscus, Gentle Daily Hair Cleanser) prepared with natural essence of Hibiscus ( Natural Hair Conditioner and for Hair Wash), Henna( Hair Nourisher , Hair Growth Promoter ) and Aloe Vera ( Moisturizer , Natural Vitamin Source )is the traditional way of cleansing and nourishing hair.


Take 2-4ml of Chemparathi Thaali (Hibiscus, Gentle Daily Hair Cleanser) and mix with enough water. Apply to wet hair and scalp, massage gently for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Wash off with plenty of water, repeat if needed. Chemparathi Thaali is ideal for everyday use.

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