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Ayurvedic Nalpamaradi Oil

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Nalpamaradi Golden Glow Oil In Ayurveda, the anointing of the body with oil is called Abhyanga. It has been used for centuries for rejuvenating & providing strength, softness & colour to the skin. It is believed that there are seven layers of tissue in the skin called dhatus. A daily massage with the oil for 15 minutes is enough to penetrate all the seven layers of our body & invigorate it. Nalpamaradi oil is used to improve the condition of the skin & lightening the complexion. Reduces dryness of the skin When massaged regularly, it not only imparts a glow on the skin, but also makes it healthier. Treats various skin disorders Conditions & prevents dryness ensuring smooth skin. Can be washed away with a herbal body wash or medicated soap.
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