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Almaa - Vepam Poo Powder

Vepam Poo Powder

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  • All parts of Neem are known for their medicinal value.
  • Neem flowers are known to neutralize excess of pitha humour.
  • Dried Neem flowers when ingested regularly improves eyesight, corrects disorders of excessive bile and expels intestinal worms.
  • Acts as astringent, anti-helmenthic and non-toxic.
  • Acts as anti – bacterial, anti parasite and thus helps in protection from all types of pathogens, that invade body causing serious ailments
  • Neem Flowers are extremely beneficial for hyperacidity and epigastric pain. While treating acne and other Skin diseases.
  • Veepam poo plays a main role as blood purification and deworming agent

Indication :

For deworming and blood purification in skin disease, Nausea, Vomiting, Liver cirrhosis, Urinairy calculus.

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