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Almaa - Vardhani


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  • Vardhani capsules is a time tested galactogogue from nature
  • Mother’s milk is not only the source of food for the new born but also provides the immunity to the child through the presence of various fractions of proteins in it.
  • Improved secretion of mother’s milk will result in good immune system of the baby.
  • Mother feeding is recommended to as long as possible for the well being of the child with improved immunity.
  • An ideal combination of 11 important herbs along with Aloe, and Musali performs this function perfectly.
  • Aloe, maintains the optimal prolactin levels in the mother’s blood and there by improves mother’s milk secretion
  • Musali, provides energy to the mother and ensures the general health.

Uses : Highly beneficial in improving the mother’s milk recreation for lactating mothers.

Dose : 1 capsule : Twice daily. After food.

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