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Almaa - Thulasi Powder

Thulasi Powder

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  • Tulsi powder enhances immunity, metabotic function and subsiding fever.
  • Several medicianal  property inclusive of smooth muscle relaxing and immunomodulation.
  • Tulsi is expectorant and has anti – allergic properties.
  • When taken internally it inhibits mast cell degranulation and histamine release in the presence of allergen.
  • Important in treating asthma and respiratory disorder.
  • Tulsi is proved for its carminative, diaphoretic and stimulant properly.
  • Cures kapha dosha (humour) related ailments in traditional way of treatment. Tulsi brings mind, body balance and controls stress related problem.
  • Detoxification property of tulsi helps in cleansing the intestine.

Indication :

Cough, cold, fever, Asthmatic complaints.

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