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Almaa - Shikakai Powder

Shikakai Powder

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  • Acacia concinna, popularly known as Shikkakai is a traditional Shampoo, that is used to get healthy and bouncing hair.
  • Shikkakai naturally contains low PH, which makes it a mild substance that will not damage hair of naturals oils.
  • It is effective in controlling dandruff and all sorts of scalp disorders. Regular use of shikkai powder, prevents premature greying.
  • Usage of soapnut powder in summer season will keep the body cool and scalp moist.
  • Being a natural conditioner, Shikkai strengthens hair root and promotes luxuriant growth.
  • The herb contains saponin, the foaming agents found in several other plant species used an shampoos/soap Saponin containing plants have a long historical evidence of use as mild cleansing agents.
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