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Almaa - Seru Curenjan Powder

Seru Curenjan Powder

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  • Gymnema is stomachic, stimulant, laxative and diuretic.
  • Profound action in modulating taste, particularly suppressing the sweet taste sensation.
  • Potent to lower glucose available in stomach for absorption; raise the insulin levels and blocks dietary fat absorption.
  • Gymnema controls the metabolic derangement of liver, kidney.
  • Reduces  the glucose level in the blood & rejuvenates the nerves
  • Prolonged intake of this herb can even eliminate sugar present in Urine. Gymnema helps to regenerate B cells of pancreas.
  • Heps in boosting insulin levels and controlling blood sugar levels.

Indications :

Diabetes, Poly uria, Burning micturitiion, White discharge

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