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Almaa - Ponnanganni Powder

Ponnanganni Powder

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  • Amarnath/Ponangkanni powder is a better source of protein than meat.
  • They are also known to slow down general  age-related cellular degeneration and rejuvenation of skin, hair and nail.
  • All greens, especially water Amarnath, Contains folate, plays an important role in repair of damaged cells.
  • Folate in this powder is known to reduce the risk of colon, and  lung cancer. It is rich in dietary fibre and essential aminoacids, including Lysine. Amarnath also contains relatively lower level of cholesterol.
  • Water Amarnath is rich in Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, B, C
  • The leaves are coolant in property, thus managing vaginat discharge, pitta vitiated disease, like diarrhoea, excessive menstruation, ache. It is useful in skin disease as blood purifier.

Indication :

Premature greying and hair fall, for blood purification, constipation, White discharge, Menorhagia.

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