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  • White discharge has become very common problem among the females due to various reasons in recent days.
  • Hormonal imbalance, lack of proper personal hygiene, infections are some of the major reasons for it.
  • Novite Capsules is good medicine for stopping white discharge, providing complete cure for it is smelly possible through naturals.
  • Novite Capsules is different but perfect combination of all the vital herbs along with Asoka, Leucas aspera & Acalypha indica provides definite solution ever for this problem.
  • The Ketosterols, saponis, calcium and other essential nutrients and enzymes present in Asoka regulates the optimum secretion of estrogen.
  • The antibacterial and anti – fungul  property by the active principles present in Asoka, leucas and Acalypha eradicates all sorts of infections and infestations and rules out the problem fleucorrhoea

Indications : Leucorrhoea

Dose : 1 Capsue, Twice daily; After food.

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