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Almaa - Nila Avarai Powder

Nila Avarai Powder

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  • Nila avarai has been used for centuries as a treatment for a variety of digestive problems and as stool softness.
  • It is used in herbal formulation indicated for treating biliousness, flatulence, splenic enlargement, and inflammatory colon disease.
  • In traditional way of medication.
  • It  acts as laxative, digestive system. Colon Cleanser, reducing blood pressure.
  • The active principle sennoside and semoside B functions as strong laxatives. The herb is believed to cause weightloss by mechanically flushingout  fluids & waste from intestine.
  • Almaa Nila avarai powder is pure and herbal

Benefits :

Spleen enlargement, Constipatrion, Flatulence,  Loss of appetite, Colitus, Crohns disease

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