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Almaa - Manathakkali Powder

Manathakkali Powder

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  • Manathakali powder has a long history medicinal value.
  • It purges bowel, heals ulcers and promotes perspiration.
  • Solanum nigrum is hepato protective, anti oxidant, wound healing, anti inflammatory.
  • It reduces the degree of liver fibrosis by reducing the amount of hydroxyl prolin and collagen accumulated.
  • It is helpful in bringing down bilirubin to normal level.
  • Manathakkali heps in faster wound contraction rate by its anti oxidant, antiseptic properties, cause rapid maturation of granulation tissue & stabilization of collagen fibres.
  • Almaa Manathakali powder is pure

Indication :

Peptic Ulcer, Stomatitis,Liver disorders.

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