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Almaa - Karuveppilai Powder

Karuveppilai Powder

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  • Karuvepillai (Murraya) is used as tonic & stomachic.
  • It stimulator of digestive enzymes and helps to breakdown food more easily.
  • Almaa Karuvepillai powder is a good remedy for nausea & indigestion.
  • Murraya contains best Vitamin C, E, that prevents hairloss and maintains healthy skin.
  • Murraya stimulates the Cardio Vascular system and Nictating membrane, alleviates spasm.
  • It is hypoglycemic and hair tonic.
  • In addition to being a food additive, it has many health implication.
  • Curry leaves are extremely high in antioxidants, plant, steorols, aminoacids and flavanoids.
  • It reduces oxidative stress on pancreatic cells and offers a therapeutic effect on damaged pancreatic cells.
  • Murraya leaves significantly reduces the total cholesterol (T.C) and Triglycerids (T.G.)

Indications :

Premature greying, Anaemia, Loss of appetite, Constipation, Hairfall.

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