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Almaa - Kadukkai Powder

Kadukkai Powder

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  • Almost all ailments of the body are due to digestive disturbances and constipation.
  • Daily intake of chebula maintains a healthy digestive system.
  • It works as a purgative and alos permits the free flow of vata downwards (Anulomana) it detoxifies the blood and nourishes the body tissue.
  • The therapeutical effort of Chebula is liver disorders is excellent.
  • It reduces the lipid deposits in blood & liver.
  • chebula works to normalize the vitiation of all the 3 humours(vata – pitta – kapha).
  • It is proven for its gastro-kinetic effect (ie) helps in moving the content of stomach.
  • It is a drug of choice as a mild laxative, mild colon cleanser.
  • Chebula reduces the ill effect of fat rich, creamy and oily goods.
  • It is supplemented with cholesterol, normalizing drugs.
  • Almaa Kadukkai powder is pure and natural


Flatulence, Constipation, Rejuvination, Gastro – Intestinal disorders

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