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Almaa - Dermoguard


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  • "Skin is the index of healthy body.” Skin is not only mere the coming of the body, but also protects one inner body from all sorts of external infections, etc.
  • Providing healthy skin through internal medicines is an unique process in Traditional ystem of Medicine.
  • Amla and chebulic myrabolan purifies the blood and thereby cures skin ailments and make the skin healthy and glowing.
  • The Anti – histaminic principles present in the above herbs combats allergic manifestations and root out them.
  • The Cellular replenishment and regaining of colour and integrity of the skin are taken by propositions in aloes and tinospora as they have epethlial cells proliferating and adaptogenic properties respectively.

Indication : All types of skin diseases, skin allergics, eczema, Psoriasis

Dose : 1 Capsule : Twice daily : After food.

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