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Almaa - Adatodai Powder

Adatodai Powder

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  • Almaa Adatodai Powder is pure and natural
  • Adhathoda vasica is a popular and prime ingredient in prescription of almost all respiratory disorders.
  • The bronchodilatory and expectorant properties are due to the presence of vasicine.
  • Vasicine in Adhathoda induces bronchodilation, relaxes tracheal muscles.
  • It provides significant protection against histamine induced bronchospasm. Adhathoda is highly beneficial in productive cough as it reduces the elasticity and viscosity of tracheal mucers.
  • Adhathoda pacifies the Vitiated Pitha and Kapha humour.
  • The leaves are rich in Vitamin – C and carotene.
  • Almaa Adatodai powder is pure and natural

Indication :

  •     Cold and cough
  •     All respiratory complaints of Kapha humour.
  •     Asthmatic symptoms.
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