About Us

Our Mantra

Go Organic is our only mantra, myrightbuy works hard to get the right product from the farmer to the consumer bringing nature close to your kitchen. For that we do every possible effort to make the organic and natural products available by making serious involvements in the market, to help the farmer get the right price and at the same time keep the price affordable to the common man.

We brand ourselves as a group of enthusiasts excited about joining a revolution to return to nature and resurrect good. This is certainly a big leap towards a cleaner, better and healthier India.

Our Aim

We aim to keep the Aam Indian farmer to actively partner their best in the world marketplace by supporting and practicing the fair trade way of doing business. We believe that our value driven business practices would empower consumers to make right buys that equally support everyone in the chain.

myrightbuy.com aims at promoting a no - chemical food system to promote healthy community. We start on this day with our appeal to the citizens to join hands with us in our journey to promote healthier lifestyle. Let’s all work together to make informed buying decisions.