24 Mantra - Ragi Flakes [ Kelvaragu Odugal ]

Ragi Flakes

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Ragi,otherwise known as finger millet, is one of the most nutritious millets. It is a rich source of calcium, very essential for growing children and women. It has 10-12 times more calcium than that found in rice or wheat. It is rich in fibre,iron and phosphorus. It is easily digested and you will get all the nourishment needed to start your day briskly.


Nutritional Value

It is a wonderful cereal packed with nutrients. It is more superior to rice and wheat in nutritional terms, being rich in high quality proteins , providing highest levels of calcium, antioxidant properties, phyto chemicals, minerals and high levels of fiber.


Health Benefits

Ragi Flakes helps to control blood glucose levels in diabetics very effectively. It is a good whole some diet for diabetics. It is low in fat and calories. It is rich in methionine, an amino acid, which is lacking in most of the other cereals. The calcium in Ragi is easily assimilated and helps strengthen bones,keeping osteoporosis away. Ragi helps in lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood, which helps to lessen the plaque formation and prevents the blocking of blood vessels.


Nutritional Facts

For  100g


·        Calories                       342

·        Caloriesfrom Fat         23.4

·        TotalFat                       2.6g

·        Saturated                    0.4g

·        Trans                           0g

·        Cholesterol                 0mg

·        Sodium                       320mg

·        Total carbohydrates  76.4g

·        Dietary Fibre               6g

·        Sugars                         9g

·        Protein                         9.6mg

·        Vitamin A                     28µg

·        Vitamin C                     0.2mg

·        Vitamin E                     1.3mg

·        Calcium                       225mg

·        Iron                              3.5mg

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