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24 Mantra - Pure Nature Henna Mix

Pure Nature Henna Mix

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This unique henna mix gives hair a natural color without altering the natural balance unlike the chemical based products. Henna, the most important ingredient of this mix,  is basically a plant and is used to make medicines. Henna is sometimes applied directly to the affected area for dandruff, eczema, scabies, fungal infections, and wounds. In manufacturing, henna is used in cosmetics, hair dyes, and hair care products; and as a dye for nails, hands, and clothing.


Nutritional Value and Health Benefits

It Nourishes and gives natural beauty to your hair.It makes ur hair smooth and silky.Applying once a week or until next wash is recommended.


How to use

·        Take sufficient quantity of the product and mix with water

·        Apply to the scalp

·        Allow to dry for 1 hour

·        Wash with Lukewarm water



Add boiled beetroot paste to henna mix to get a burgundy color.

Add almond oil for more smoother/shiny hair(Review).

Avoid applying directly using your palms/fingers(Review).

To avoid contact on fore head, ears apply Vaseline before applying henna.


What is inside?

Henna,Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amla and Neeli


Interesting Facts

Henna contains substances that might help fight certain infections. Historically,henna has been used for severe diarrhea caused by a parasite, cancer, enlarged spleen, headache, jaundice, and skin conditions. These days, people take henna for stomach and intestinal ulcers.

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