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Organic Turmeric Powder

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Turmeric Powder is a bright yellow powder made by dry grinding of mature turmeric rhizomes . The use of turmeric for coloring and flavoring food, for cosmetic purposes and for medicinal properties dates back to the ancient Vedic culture of India.


In the Indian Ayurveda system of herbal medicine,turmeric is known as strengthening and warming to the whole body. Traditional uses in India include to improve digestion, to improve intestinal flora, to eliminate worms, to relieve gas, to cleanse and strengthen the liver and gallbladder, to normalize menstruation, for relief of arthritis and swelling.

Nutritional Value

The wide range of turmeric health benefits come mainly from its main ingredient, curcumin. This widely researched component of turmeric is highly therapeutic and is used in various drugs and pharmaceutics mainly because of its immunity boosting and anti-oxidant properties.

Health Benefits

It has the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant property. Curcumin Protects Against Certain Liver Diseases. Curcumin Prevents the Development of Type 2 Diabetes. It has Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Nutritional Facts

For 100g of spice

·        Carbohydrates           50%

·        Dietary Fibre               52.5%

·        Protein                         14%

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