24 Mantra - Organic Tur Dal [ Thuvaram Paruppu ]

Organic Tur Dal

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The organic Tur Dal is yellow pigeon peas. It is called thuvaram paruppu in Tamil Nadu and is the main ingredient for the dish sambar and in Karnataka it is called to gari bele and is an important ingredient in bisi bele bath.


Nutritional Value

Tur dal is one of most prominent lentil among all the others available and exhibits a thick gelatinous meaty consistency. The split lentil is slightly sweet, having nutty flavor, easily digestible and absorbs the flavor of other spices quickly. Pigeon Pea is very nutritious and has numerous health benefits.


Health Benefits

It cures cough,poisoning effect, gas troubles, acidity, stomach pain and piles. It makes a balanced meal, quells swelling of internal organs. It is useful in the treatment of internal organ swelling.


What is inside?

For 100g Dal

·        Carbohydrate       57.6g

·        Protein                   22.3g

·        Fat                         1.7g

Interesting Facts

The center of origin is the eastern part of peninsular India, including the state of Odisha, where the closest wild relatives occur in tropical deciduous woodlands. By means of the slave trade it came to the American continent, probably in the 17th century.

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