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Organic Tamarind Premium

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Tamarind is a very large tree with long, heavy drooping branches, and dense foliage. Tamarind fruit contains certain health benefiting essential volatile chemical compounds, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. Its paste gives a very sour taste to the food with all the essentials included

Nutritional Value

Dietary fibers in the pulp bind to bile salts and decrease their re-absorption in the colon; thereby help in expulsion of LDL cholesterol levels from the body. Tamarind is rich in tartaric acid.Tartaric acid gives sour taste to food besides its inherent activity as a powerful antioxidant.

Health Benefits

Its pulp has been used in many traditional medicines as a laxative, digestive, and as a remedy for biliousness and bile disorders. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure. Iron is essential for red blood cell production and as a co-factor for cytochrome oxidases enzymes.

Nutritional Facts

For 100g of spice

·        Carbohydrates                        40%

·        Dietary Fibre                            13%

·        Protein                                       5%


Tamarinds are evergreen tropical trees native to Africa. They grow throughout tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, South Asia, South America and Caribbean islands for their fruits.

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