24 Mantra - Organic Sonamasuri Brown Rice [ Pachcharisi ]

Organic Sonamasuri Brown Rice

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Sona masuri is grown at a largerscale in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.It is widely knownas ponni rice.



It is  light-weight,aromatic and the staple diet ofvaried natives. Sonamasuri raw rice is unboiled,unpolished,organically producedrice variety.It has a fan following for its taste and aroma that lasts itslifetime.


Nutritional Value

Brown rice contains a considerableamount of vitamin B and minerals like potassium,magnesium,zinc and phosphorus.Brown rice is comparatively nutritious than the white rice.


Health Benefits

The rich fibre bran coating makes ithealthy and nutritious. Do not wash the rice more than 2 times since it willlose all its vitamins. For 2 cup of rice add only 2 cups of water for normalboiling. Normally brown rice takes more time for cooking.


Nutritional Facts

For 1 cup rice


·        Carbohydrates            56%

·        Dietary Fibre               10%

·        Fat                               0.5%

·        Protein             23%

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