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Organic Natural Puffed Rice

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Puffed rice is a popular food in street of India. It is produced organically from the rice farms and processed by heating under high-pressure.It is a protein rich diet that is served mostly as a cereal.

Nutritional Value

It contains no cholesterol or sodium.Puffed rice is light and also easily digestible.Puffed rice is also rich in die try fibre and increases the digestive tract.

Health Benefits

Puffed rice offers few calories and little fat per serving. The cereal is made from white rice, meaning that it is not a whole grain and contains very little fiber. Puffed rice is enriched with extra vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional Facts

·        Carbohydrates     70%

·        Fat                         1%

·        Protein                   5%

·        Maganese            12%

·        Vitamin B3            19%

   This Will Drive for Organic Farming Go Organic
4 5
By On 31 Aug 2016

Using 24 Mantra Organic products for the last two years, excellent quality.
I hope the prices are affordable so that many more people can move to organic, which will in turn benefit the farmers.

   Not a Great Product
3 5
By On 30 Nov 2016

Thanks MRB for good packing and delivery. 24 Mantra puffed rice is not crispy, its chewy. Not a great product.


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