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24 Mantra - Organic Multi Grain Atta

Organic Multi Grain Atta

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Multi grain contains more than one type of grain has been used, So the product labelled "Multi grain" might actually be made from white flour, with many of the health benefits of whole grains.


Interesting Facts

The bread can be traced back to the ancient times when Egyptians perfected the art of making the bread with dough prepared by mixing water and unleavened grains. The original breadswere usually prepared from a single grain which was grounded into a coarse powder. The exact date of origin of the multi grain bread hasnot been documented but indications point to the fact that breads baked from avariety of grains were popular in most countries around the globe.Advertisements of commercially available multi grain bread were published asearly as 1954 in American newspapers.



About 60% of people strongly agree that they are seek out multi grain products compared to 40% for natural 25% for organic. The usage of Multi grain increasing everyday.


Nutritional Value

Multi grain products are healthy products. Once understand that can be made in multiple fashions, Can realize that a multiple-grain product could contain as much refined grains that are devoid of nutrition as the basic bleached white flour.


Health Benefits

The nutritional value of multi grain bread differs according to the kind of grains used. However, most of them are low calorie food with a single serving consisting of 65-69 calories.It has a number of health benefits and is low in saturated fat with adequate amounts of dietary fiber, selenium and manganese being present in it. Multi Grain Bread: Trivia. The multi grain bread is also known as Kibbled bread as it contains small pieces of broken grains known as kibbles.


What is inside?

In 100g

·        Calories    65Kcal

·        Carbs       12.06g

·        Fat            0.99g

·        Protien      2.6g

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