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Organic Mango Stars

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Organic Mango star is mango flavour coated breakfast cereal with a delicious taste that is liked by all. This breakfast cereal  with the goodness of Amaranth, Mixed Tocopherols, Rice, Whole Wheat,Jowar, and Mango. Low in sodium and high in fibre, the 24 Mantra Mango Stars make for a healthy breakfast that is not only filling but also nutritious. All products are organic certified and hence rest assured, no harmful chemicals a reused. Start your day with full energy, vigour and freshness with Organic Mango Stars.


Nutritional Value

14% protein. It is rich in many essential amino acids like lysine(more than 0.7%) which is the highest for any cereal. Lysine helps your body absorb calcium, aids in the production of antibodies, helps form connective tissues and convert fatty acids into energy. Amaranth is very rich in Iron, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus, Magnesium and fibre. We are using Amaranth inits whole form bringing its entire goodness to you.


Health Benefits

Extracted from Soybean oil, Natural mixed Tocopherols constitute a mixture of all the four forms of tocopherols in the actual ratio as intended by nature giving you the Vitamin E that gets absorbed well by your body.


Nutritional Facts

For 100g


·        Calories                       360

·        Calories from Fat        13

·        Total Fat                      1.5g

·        Saturated                    0g

·        Trans                           0g

·        Cholesterol                 0mg

·        Sodium                       190mg

·        Total carbohydrates  83.6g

·        Dietary Fibre               3.8g

·        Sugars                        33g

·        Protein                        6g

·        Vitamin A                    34µg

·        Vitamin C                    0.25mg

·        Vitamin E                    2.6mg

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