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Organic Kismis

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Kismis also called as raisins are small fruits which are adored for their bitter sweet taste and are probably one of the most popular dry fruits in the world. Also known as ‘kishmish’ in India, raisins are a part of many snacks, baked dishes and desserts. Raisins are made by allowing grapes to dry out naturally or with the help of driers.


Nutritional Value

Raisins are a rich source of energy and other essential nutrients required by our body to function flawlessly. They are also referred to as ‘nature’s candy’, and rightly so, for the tangy flavour that they provide. The presence of vitamins,amino acids and minerals such as selenium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium facilitate absorption of other nutrients and proteins in the body.


Health Benefits

Raisins are rich in iron, copper and other constituents of vitamin B-complex, which help in the formation of red blood cells and reduce the risk of an aemia. Consumption of a good amount of raisins also promotes blood clotting and speeds up the process of healing after an injury. The amount of fructose and glucose present in raisins make it an excellent source of energy. They also help in weight gain without accumulating cholesterol.


Nutritional Benefits

For 165g of raisins


·        Carbohydrates      131g

·        Dietary Fibre          6.6g

·        Sugar                     98g

·        Protein                   5.6g



Since then as early as 2000 BC and even mentioned in the Old Testament Bible, the practice of drying grapes to form raisins has been followed in Persia and Egypt. Some stories show that the Phoenicians and Armenians were the first people to produce raisins. It is also believed that the Romans used raisins as barter currency, beautified their places of worship with them and they were given as prizes to the winners of sporting events.


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