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Organic Jowar Flour

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Sorghum is a genus of grasses with about 30 species, one of which is raised for grain and many of which are used as fodder plants, either cultivated or as part of pasture. The plants are cultivated in warm climates world wide. They are native to the tropics and subtropics of the Old World and one species is endemic to Mexico; a number have been introduced into other parts of the world.


Interesting Facts

Sorghum, a grain, forage or sugar crop,is among the most efficient crops in conversion of solar energy and use of water. Sorghum is known as a high-energy, drought tolerant crop. Because of its wide uses and adaptation “sorghum is one of the really in dispensable crops” required for the survival of human kind (From Jack Harlan, 1971).



Sorghum is the fifth-most important cereal crop grown in the world wide.


Nutritional Value

Sorghum, an ancient cereal grain that's a staple crop in India and throughout Africa, has long been considered a safe grain alternative for people with celiac disease and gluten insensitivity. New molecular evidence confirms that sorghum is completely gluten-free, and reports that the grain provides health benefits that make it a worthy addition to any diet.


Health Benefits

Consuming sorghum benefits your health,thanks to its magnesium and copper content. Magnesium contributes to healthy bone tissue and regulates your body's calcium levels, while copper boosts your immune system and promotes red blood development. Both minerals also play arole in your metabolism and help your cells produce useable energy. A serving of sorghum offers 91 milligrams of magnesium and 518 micro grams of copper.


What is inside?

In 100g

·        Iron            1gkcal

·        Fibre          0.12gkcal

·        Calcium     4mg kcal

·        Sodium      75gkcal

·        Sugar         6mgkcal

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