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24 Mantra - Organic Green Moong Dal Split [ Udaitha Paasi Paruppu ]

Organic Green Moong Dal Split

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Green gram is oneof the best vegetarian super foods that has been praised for its amazing healthbenefits. It is also known as Mung or Moong dal is commonly moong lentils whichare also known as mung beans.It is major ingredient used in Venn Pongal, apopular dish in Tamil Nadu. It is also used as a finger food.


Nutritional Valueand Health Benefits

Natural sprouts aregood for health and mind development. If you are trying to eat healthy or loseweight, moong dal can be a good high protein, low fat alternative to meat dish.It is a good source for a variety of vitamins and minerals which is a greatbenefit for hair loss. Moong Dal along with chapatti for dinneris a best combination for weight loss factors. It helps control blood pressure.It is also a good source of iron and it prevents skin cancer. It is anti-fungal,Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Cancer.


What is inside?

On an average 1 cup(192g) of Moong Dal contains the following nutrients.  

·        Carbohydrates            21%

·        Proteins                      48%

·        Dietary fibre               55%


Interesting Facts

We can dry roast the dhal and drygrind it into flour to make some healthy tasty rottis & parathas or wetgrind it to make a health tasty versions of idlis, dosas or uttapas.

Stale, stinked anddull sprouts should not be used

Cooking of Sproutsshould be discouraged as they lose nutritive value. Cooking, frying androasting of sprouts are not up to the mark of nutrition. Steam sprouts may begiven to aged people for easy digestion.


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