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Organic Basmati Rice

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Basmati rice commonly known as ‘the queen ofrice’ has been living throughout the cultures of royal dining. From royals ofTurkey to Mughals in India, this rice has played a significant role in food cultures of great maharajas, sultans and shahs. It is also known as Vasumati meaning earth known by its fragrance.



Directly from the farms in the foothills of theHimalayas. It is long-grained, polished and non-glutinous rice. Hygienically polished and absolutely perfect for biryani and pulavs. Fully organic grown product with authentic texture and aroma.



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Nutritional Value

Polished rice may scrape all the nutrition but this product will yield the best out of each and every nutrition’s value. Th equality and fragrance makes it a must-buy product.


Health Benefits

Always known for organic nature that reduces therisk of diseases. It helps building the body tissue. Polished rice is the-result of removal of high fat layer that reduces cholesterol.


Nutritional fact

For ¼ cup of Basmati rice

·        Carbohydrates        12%

·        Dietary Fiber            4%

·        Fat                              0.2%

·        Vitamin C                  2%

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