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Demerara Sugar

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Demerara sugar is a type of unrefined sugar with a large grain and a pale to golden yellow colour. It is suitable for a number of cooking and baking projects, and tends to be very popular as a sweetener for tea and coffee. Demerara is a light brown, partially refined, sugar produced from the first crystallization during processing cane juice into sugar crystals.

Nutritional Value

Demerara sugar has nutritional properties similar to those of organic evaporated cane juice,less processed than refined sugar, with more nutrients.

Health Benefits

The World Health Organization recommends that you limit your intake of added sugars to no more than 10% of your calories. If you’re an average-sized adult, ten percent of your calories is around 50 grams of sugar, or the equivalent of 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar.  The American Heart Association would like to lower the bar to just 5%.

Nutritional facts

In 100g

·        Calories                             380kcal

·        Calories from Fat              7g

·        TotalFats                            0mg

·        Sodium                               28mg

·        Protien                                150mg

·        VitaminC                             105mg

·        Calcium                                8%


In the late 1800s, the newly consolidated refined white sugar industry, which did not have full control over brown sugar production, mounted a smear campaign against brown sugar, reproducing microscopic photographs of harmless but repulsive-looking microbes living in Demerara sugar.

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