24 Mantra - Cold Pressed Safflower Oil [ Kusambhu Poo Ennai ]

Cold Pressed Safflower Oil

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Safflower Oil is organically grown and cold pressed to ensure you have a product that is affordable and versatile so you can get every use imaginable out of such a great oil! Safflower Oil acts as a protective barrier to lubricate your skin while it moisturizes. It helps soften dryness and smooth roughness,organically! This versatile oil is cold pressed to ensure a food grade oil.


Nutritional Value

Safflower oil is very rich in polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats and particularly in Omega 6 and Vitamin E. Among all the vegetable oils, safflower oil is the richest in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that should be included inhuman diet on a daily basis for good health since it is one main constituent of human cell membranes and it is valuable to strengthen the immune system.


Health Benefits

Safflower oil recommended to people suffering from type 2 diabetes not only to lose weight but also to reduce blood sugar and safflower is being studied to produce insulin. It can help as well to regularize menstrual cycles and has natural anti-inflammatory properties.


Nutritional Facts

For 100g

                  ·        Calories                      120

·        Calories from Fat       120%

·        Total Fat                      14g

·        Saturated Fat             1g

·        Trans Fat                    0g

·        Cholesterol                 0mg

·        Sodium                       0mg

·        Total Carbohydrate   0g

·        Dietary Fiber              0g

·        Sugars                       0g

·        Protein                       0g



Safflower is a plant belonging to the sun flower family with yellow, red or orange flowers. The plant is 30 cm to 150 cm of height and can resist either very dry climates or intense colds. Traditionally used to produce dyes, the safflower plant produces seeds used to make oil.



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